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Causes of American Civil War

Rights of State:

It was the great effort done between the states and the government about the political powers. The agenda of them was to abolish the slavery in each and every state of the America. After the American Revolution, the first government was established as Article of Confederation. Many states made small and weak governments. When there was some problem occurred then all the group leaders meet secretly and renew the constitution of U.S.

One person was not in this meeting named Jefferson as he thinks that every state has the right to select what kind of government they want to rule in all over the state. Thus an idea was though up as nullification. This idea was about the states and their working criteria that each state should have the right to rule the acts imposed by federal government unconstitutional. But unfortunately, the government refused that request of freedom for states. When they think about it, this all situation led them to separation and leave. This all creates disharmony between North and South states and this led to the beginning of the civil war.

America Civil War


This question was for the future of slavery and what will happen with slavery and without slavery. This all situation created in the states made their way to separation as south wanted to make a new independence in their area while Northern wanted to have the union of all states. There were made many compromises between the states of America about slavery. Some have believe in that slavery and wanted to become united and some states don’t want to have this slavery anymore and wanted to establish a new and fresh state with constitution having no rules of slavery at all.

After that, there was law for slaves to runaway with the help of fugitive slave act. After this law, there were few states that which are not accepting this law as there were some northern states who are not willing to be agreed with that law but they see slave and they are supposed to turn them in due to law. Some state public wanted slaves as they are not capable of doing some work as they want to do those work. For this purpose, they want some slaves to do such acts. They desired to have some slaves for doing agriculture. They want these jobs to be done by slaves as they don’t have the ability to do these tasks.

But on the other hand, there were northern states which were highly established. They have city life and have some facilities. There were many factories to do task rather than farming. They don’t want slaves as they have machines to fulfill their tasks.

These all phenomena’s are responsible for having civil war in the country with the concept of slavery. Some states wanted to have it and some are not willing to have it. Hope so this article demonstrates some major causes of the American civil war came into existence.

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Some Major Battles that Fought during American Civil War:

civil-warThe American civil war left some unforgettable marks on the history of the United States. The incidents happened at that time have remarkable in today’s legislation. The war that started in 1861 and ended in the 1865 killed approximately 600,000 soldiers.

There were so many battles that were fought during the American Civil war. There were thirteen battles that were being fought in this 4 year time period. Some of the battles that happened in the years of 1861, 1862 and 1863, were:

Major battles during 1861 to 1863:

-          First Battle of Bull Run: the first ever battle that happened in July on 21st, 1861. This was the war that made everyone realized that the real time land battle has begun. Before Bull Run war, people in North and South were not taking the war seriously. The Confederate won that battle and approximately 5,000 men died in it. Out of which, the 3,000 men belonged to Union troops.

-          Battle of Fort Donelson: this battle happened from 13 to 16 in February in 1862. The Union troops were trying to enter into the Fort Donelson. They picked up the way of the Tennessee River, where the Confederate troops attacked them to save the fort.   At the end, the 12,000 surrendered in front of the Union troop. This victory possesses special importance to the North.

-           Battle Of Shiloh: the third battle happened in April 6-7, 1862 era when Confederate forces attacked the Union army at Pittsburgh landing. Though, the Union forces were not ready to face the attack and also lost their leader. The battle caused the death of around 23,746 men and 13,047 of Union armies. This could be the biggest victory of Confederate but despite of that Union faced the greater loss.

-          Second Battle of Bull Run: Confederate forces won that battle and lost their 22,180 soldiers. It was considered to be the most important battle for the South. There were several attacks and assaults were done in that time period on Union.

-          The battle of Antietam: the inconclusive result of the Antietam battle gave strategic merit to the North. Over 23,100 deaths were occurring in result of this battle. President Lincoln issued the famous Emancipation Proclamation in September, when he saw the Confederate Army went back to the Potomac River.  This battle dated from 16 to 18 September, 1862.


-          Battle of Fredericksburg: union forces faced major losses in the face of their 13,353 dead soldiers. The wrong strategy of the Union’s Major General to attack the Confederates from Southern Capital. The union tried to play some very smart moves but was countered by the Confederate’s army on several points. The battle was fought in the December 11-15, 1862 era.

-          Battle of Chancellorsville: the great Major General of South was killed in this battle, Stonewall Jackson. It was the great victory of the South and its Major General Lee. 14,000 Union soldiers were killed in this battle and total 24,000 casualties happened. The battle happened from April 30-May 6, 1863.

These are some of the initial and very important-to-know battles that happened during the American Civil War. 

Detailed Overview Of American Civil War

American Civil War1American Civil War was battle among two different states of United States. The fight was fought between Southern and Northern states as southern state was willing to be separated from United States and they fix on to have their own new state. On the other hand, northern state wanted to be united as one nation.

The South State: When the south was deciding to have separate nation, they developed their own country and they named this state as Confederate States Of America. The second name of the country was Confederacy. After creation of the new nation, they created their own constitution. Interestingly, they also had their own president of the newly created country. The new president was Jefferson Davis. This confederacy was having 11 states.

The North(Union): The north which was not supposed to have separation with southern states of America. After southern states started their way of progress as new state, the north left with the remained 25 states. The whole states were present in north side. North was also symbolized as the union of different states of United States. They were supposed to have all country united at one platform. The north was much bigger state then the south and they were much developed state as compared with south. They had great chain of industries in the state for different works to be done. The advantage of having more people than the south and have more resources then south and wealth also helped them in civil war.

Why Southern Wanted To leave? Southern states were not much populated as compared with north. They were worried about their existence in the territory as United States was expanding day by day. They wanted to have their own way to live life and wanted to have more power than all other states. They wish to have their own country in which they have their own rules and regulations. One of the important factors for southern states to get separated was the right to have slaves. The southern were not able to do some tough works as agriculture. They wanted to have salves for their works to be fulfilled. On the other hand, northern were against the law to have slaves. There was some news that United States will destroy the law of having slavery in all the states of United States. The destruction of this law was the major factor for southern states to have their separate country.

Abraham Lincoln: During this civil war, Abraham Lincoln was the president of U.S. He wished to have strong and established federal government in all over the United States. He was against the law to have slaves. When there were elections for him, the southern states wanted to leave and the civil war begun. But Abraham was pretty determined that he would make the country united.

Fighting: American civil war was the greatest disaster in the history of America. 600,000 soldiers died in that war. The fight began at Fort Sumter in the area of South Carolina on the date of April 12, 1861. The war finished in 1865 on 9 April.  

American Civil War – A History Was Made

American Civil WarThe greatest part of the history and one of the leading incidents in the American history is the US Civil war. The famous civil war that was revolving around snatching and giving away the rights was started in 1861 and ended in the 1865.

The war was initially started between the South and North states of the US. The war later on cost the 618,000 lives. There were a few reasons that caused this war to be happening. They were:

Reasons behind the Civil War:

1-      Argument between States & Federal: The arguments for the division of rights were at peak during that time in between State and Federal government. The two groups were fighting that the States must have full rights for taking their decisions. Whereas the other group wanted to keep all the rights by the Federal government. This weakened the Federal government and they came up with the Constitutional Convention and created the US constitution. In result, the State’s rights supporters felt like that this constitution has snatched their rights of performing independently as the Free State. The Federal did not agree with it and the states took it as their insult. This resulted towards the secession of the states.

2-      Differences between North & South: when the plantation of cotton was on a peak in the Southern part of the US. The South was planting more Cotton crops and was in greater requirements of the cheap labor. The labor that was also referred as the slaves. The South mainly depended on the cotton plantation and on slavery. Later, when the society started getting developed, the differences between the two economies emerged.

3-      Slave & Non-slave Supporters: when America started acquiring new States of Missouri, Mexico, Louisiana and Wilmot. The states passed different provisions and acts to prevent the slavery.  The Wilmot Provision, Fugitive slave act and Missouri compromise focus on ban of the slavery and accepting the new states as the free ones. The anti-slavery fights were even reached to the floor of the senate later.

4-      Abolition Movement: after the major events occurred such as, John Brown’s Raid, Uncle Tom’s cabin and the Dred Scott case, the movement against slavery got into the full swing. The fugitive slave act held many people responsible for enslaving in the non slave states.

5-      Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln came as an elected President of US in 1860. That time, all the events were at the peak and the fight for right was in full momentum. Lincoln was the anti-slavery vocally and personally both. It happened before the Lincoln was elected as the President that five states of that time, in which Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas and Florida are included, broke up from the Union.

South Carolina was the first one which seceded from the Union and refused to consider itself as the part of the United States. The signed agreement said that the US is highly influenced by the Federal government views. (Many Carolinians think that it is true). Following this, many other states of the South did the same. The rift created between the Southern states and the Government which became the reason for the occurrence of the Civil War in April 1861.

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